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Early College High Schools needs assessment on workforce readiness in K-12


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The Early College High School Initiative provides students the opportunity to receive a high school diploma and an associate degree or up to two years of college credit, by taking a mixture of high school and college classes.

The Dual Credit Council has proposed a formal definition for ECHS.

sealped“Early college high school (ECHS)” means a local educational agency in a partnership with at least one institution of higher education that

  • Allows participants to simultaneously complete requirements toward earning a regular high school diploma and to earn not less than 12 credits toward a college-level certificate, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree at the partner institution of higher education.
    • Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are integrated into a structured program of study which meets local and state graduation requirements
  • Provides a program of study toward a postsecondary credential or degree without tuition cost to the participant or the participant’s family.
  • Focuses on improving the academic achievement of low-achieving students and youth underrepresented in higher education by giving admissions preference to low-income students, such that the proportion of low income students in the student body is at least as high as that of the district in which the ECHS is located.
    • National School Lunch Program (NSLP) data shall be used as an indicator of poverty. Different combinations of available NSLP data may be used as a poverty measure for education program purposes.  For example, NSLP data might include a combination of data from household applications (free and reduced price lunch forms) in addition to direct certification data available under the Community Eligibility Provision of the NSLP.
    • Lottery or other blind admission processes are used to ensure equitable access.
    • Operates in partnership with local business and industry and leads to work readiness credentials
    • Programming includes meaningful work-based learning experiences     
    • Career technical education courses use Common Career Technical Core Standards (CCTCS) to support core academic growth
  • Accelerate participant learning beginning no later than tenth grade
    • Advanced Placement and dual credit courses are used to help high school students make a seamless transition into college.
    • Innovative, interactive, research-based support structures encourage positive outcomes for participants.

News, information and best practices for engaging in ECHS initiatives across the state.

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